Material Donation Policy

Gloucester County Library System Material Donation Policy

The Gloucester County Library System accepts books, videos, DVD’s and CD’s as gifts.  Items will be added to the collection only if the material is in good condition.*  Good is defined as not containing dirt, dust, mold, mildew, water damage, musty odor, broken bindings, torn, missing, yellowed or brittle pages, or markings in pen, pencil, crayon or highlighter.  An inscription or ownership stamp (including a book plate) is acceptable.  Gift material lacking reference or circulation value, unneeded duplicates or in a format unsuitable for library use may be given to other organizations or made available to anyone wishing to contribute a small donation to the library.

The library will accept the following types of material if it is in good condition:

  • Fiction (hardcover, paperback and unabridged audio books)
  • Nonfiction (hardcover, paperback, and unabridged audio books)

The library is very interested in donations of the following type:

  • Significance to local and state history
  • Permanent value as source material
  • Literary or artistic excellence (classics)

The library cannot accept newspapers, newsletters, magazines or pictures.  (Your local historical society may be interested in obtaining these items.)

It would be to mutual advantage if the following were done:

  1. Please call Mullica Hill Branch library at 856-223-6000 before bringing donations.
  2. Before bringing in donations, first inform a staff member at the circulation desk.  The rear delivery door can then be opened for easy delivery.  Library staff should not be asked to lift or carry any boxes, bags, etc.  Upon request , a hand truck may be made available.
  3. Place all material in clean boxes or bags.  Please do not overfill.
  4. Library staff is not available to pick up material from patron homes.*

The Library regrets that it cannot appraise gifts.  On request, a statement acknowledging receipt of the gift will be provided.

If you have any questions, please call 856-223-6013.

Library Staff Reserves The Right To Accept Or Reject Donations Based On The Above Criteria, Staffing And Storage Availability.

*NOTE:  If you have  material that does not meet the above criteria, the Friends of GCLS may be able to utilize the material to raise funds for the library.  Please call 223-6033 for further information