Confirming Our Future – Action Plan

Strategic Planning

Session 3: Confirming Our Future – Action Plan
Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Community members convened for a third session to consider the priority goal areas identified from through the work of Session 2.  These goal areas include: Facilities, Technology, Communication, Programs, and Financial Issues.  Session participants worked in five smaller groups and carousel brainstormed the five goal areas of work.  Their challenge was to identify action steps that would support the accomplishment of improvements in the goal areas they have identified.  Following this brainstorming activity, the groups identified 3 to 5 action steps they believe would be important to take, but which would not require substantial cost for operating funds of additional human resources.

What follows is a summary of the work accomplished during this third planning session.  Each of the five goal areas is identified with reporting of the groups’ low cost top action steps and then listing of all other action step ideas identified during the carousel brainstorming activity.

Each goal area small group reported out to the larger session what were their observations.

Goal Area:  1. FACILITIES
Priority action Steps

  1. New Glassboro Library “State of the Art” meeting rooms – tech upgrades –projection systems and teleconference equipment,  Smartboards
  2. Theatre type venue (tiered seating Café  generates revenue)
  3. Partnership with businesses, schools and other agencies

Additional suggestions for Facilities

Upgrading shelving fixtures and carpeting (seek in-kind carpet donations)
Separate spaces quiet/teen/children area/meeting rooms
Additional/satellite branches in areas not currently served
Electronic Outdoor signs at every branch
“Maker Lab” at Mullica Hill Branch – 3D printing, electronics, digital music production
More “Fire sign” systems at branches
Glassboro- Skylights in existing Glassboro library
Cut holes for window
Create inside arboretum with grow lights
Commission murals on outside of building
Creative lightening outside/sculptures
Create a tower for new look

Goal Area:  2. TECHNOLOGY
Priority Action Steps

  1. Create committee for assessment and evaluation of current future technologies
  2. Expand tech training and create curriculum for staff and public--cyber safety instructions for seniors. IPad training for seniors--Parent-child tech cam for safe use of social media.
  3. Self-publishing technology-- Partner up with businesses and schools for the tech interns.

Additional suggestions for Technology

System –wide self-check-out system.
Purchase laptop labs and other devices for training.
Foundation for funding
Tech garage/petting zoo

Priority Action Steps

  1. Electronic Outdoor signs at every branch
  2. Billboards
  3. Library website - community information

Additional suggestions on Communication

Use user information to provide services
Information on local access channels
Podcasts/video on website – annual state of library address
Library “column” in Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce publication
Expand use of social media – especially with youth
Distribute public relations materials to senior counters/visit centers
Library card for every child
Partnerships – co-announcements
Hire public relations firm or buy time from another agency
Get on committee’s (WIB, NPDC, HGC etc.)
Define the “new library” – change public perception
Café –make it welcoming – make people want to stay
Specific websites with unique URLs e.g. or -- promoted by multi-type libraries

Goal Area:  4. PROGRAMS
Priority Action Steps

  1. Expand programs – older adults –Expansion of STEM (GCC,GCIT, Rowan) Children – young adults, Cultural (multi) programming for all ages
  2. Kiosk ex. Old telephone booth –talent contest, job fairs – skill specific, real life programs for children e.g. voting booth
  3. Game nights –adults

Additional Suggestions on Programs

Book mobile – digital access
Bring back concerts (charge small fee)
Local authors – book signing
Story times using tablets
Partnerships—education community/business community
Book Fair
Community event
Craft fair, technology fair, maker fair
Small business fair
County services fair
“Spoken word” –poetry program

Priority Action Steps

  1. Create a library foundation – time-talent-money
  2. Market services to business community in county –Identify Create determine needs.--Business sponsorship--Ads on website for small fee
  3. Tech donations (new) Apple, Amazon, B&N, Verizon, Dell

Additional Suggestions on Financial Issues

Marketing the value of the library to your tax base
Grants – systematize pursuit of “Grants” by committees.
Friends of GCLS 501.C3 or partner with existing 501.C3
Open meeting rooms to “for-profit” groups for a fee
Nominal fees for concerts
More book sales for tech support
Used tech equip sales
Pass the hat
Donation project of the year like “adopt a highway”